In recent years, security has become a major concern for organizations. It is no wonder that business leaders look for the right coverage to ameliorate their risks and exposures.

WestCongress has a number of programs in different industry groups. Explore our offerings and feel free to contact us for more information.


Designed for small to middle market companies involved in alarm installation, monitoring and manufacturing. A wide range of operations can be covered, including smoke and CO detection, burglary, smart homes and much more.

Protection and Investigation

Our target markets are security/patrol agencies, private investigators, and armored car services. We can provide commercial general and excess liability, E&O and per project aggregate, just to name a few of our coverage types.

Fire Suppression

Whether your client deals with commercial/residential sales, service or design of safety systems (including fire suppression systems), we have the expertise to put together the right program. Talk to us about wet/dry chemical systems, special hazards, CPVC exposures and more.

WestCongress is Here to Help

From filing a claim to submitting your application, we promise to respond promptly to your request.