Energy drives our nation forward. It’s a critical industry where challenging risks abound and clients demand a deep understanding of their operations. We have specialized knowledge, extensive experience and an in depth understanding of the challenges and unique insurance requirements of the Energy Industry. That’s why agents and brokers turn to WestCongress to address their Energy insurance needs.

Our program specializes in niche segments within the Oil and Gas, Utilities, Industrial, Petrochemical and Mining space. Our focus is on contractors across all Energy segments and owners and operators in the upstream Oil and Gas and Mining segments. We offer Commercial General Liability and Excess Liability coverage, as well as a wide array of coverage enhancements.

Program Highlights:

  • Nationwide coverage (Ex. AL & IA) – domestic Surplus Lines carrier (A-VII AM Best)
  • Tailored coverages to meet or exceed industry requirements
  • Centralized submission, processing, placement and servicing
  • Broad risk appetite
  • Broad coverage available including combined GL/CPL/EO forms
  • Competitive premiums

Target Segment:

We target small to middle market mining risks in the following categories.

Mine Owners and Operators – Above ground and below ground mining

  • Hard Rock, Metals, Minerals, Shales

Land / Mineral Rights Owners

Quarries – Gravel, Sand, Stone

Mine Service Contractors

  • Mining services providers, mine maintenance, supervision and contract labor staffing

Eligible Classes/Operations


  • Mining Contractors – Room and pillar, open-pit, quarry, strip-mining
  • Mine equipment installation, servicing and repair contractors
  • Roofing and bolting
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Contractors equipment rental without operator

Mine Owners and Operators

  • Hard Rock and Metals
  • Minerals and Shales
  • Land Owners / Lessors of Mineral Rights
  • Quarries – Sand, Gravel, Stone
  • Machine Shops and Fabricators
  • Mine Equipment Manufacturing and Distributors

Coverage Highlights

Commercial General Liability

  • Commercial General Liability – $1MM Occurrence/$2MM Aggregate/$5MM Policy Aggregate
  • ISO coverage forms – Including 10/01 Additional Insured forms
  • Manuscript endorsements specifically designed for mining risks
  • Waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory
  • Per project aggregate
  • S&A/Time Element available for select risks
  • Limited Professional available. Gives coverage for BI/PD (damage to tangible property)

Commercial Excess Liability

  • Commercial Excess Liability – $5MM Occurrence/$5MM Aggregate
  • Follow form above primary GL detailed above as well as AL, EL
  • Available on a supported lead, unsupported lead, mid-excess or high excess position

Insured Retention

Deductible or SIR available. Minimum: $2,500 Per Claim or Per Occurrence. $5,000 Per Claim or Per Occurrence for underground operations.

WestCongress is Here to Help

From filing a claim to submitting your application, we promise to respond promptly to your request.